Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the pleasure of helping people achieve success and high earnings as rewards, it is a hugely satisfying career. One of the benefits of this industry is the availability of great Life Coach training courses, such as the industry leading one from ExpertRating, which can help you quickly equip yourself to enter this lucrative career.
Anyone with the necessary skills learnt from the ExpertRating Life Coach training course, basic equipment, and proper motivation can become a Life Coach. Life Coaching is a hugely diversified field with coaching niches as varied as Business Coaching and Spirituality Coaching coexisting. This is why people from all kinds of educational, professional and personal backgrounds are becoming coaches.
Life Coaching has become an integral component of corporate training programs. This, coupled with the fact that global economic woes are taking a toll on people’s mental health, affecting them both personally and professionally, has put life coaches in huge demand. Though there are no official (U.S. government) statistics available to put a number on this demand, a large number of surveys confirm that Life Coaching is the second fastest growing industry globally.
Life Coaching is so far an unregulated field owing to which there are no specific entry requirements in terms of education or work experience. Having a college degree and some personal qualities like a desire to help people, and excellent listening and communication skills is what is sufficient to become a life coach in most cases.
Some of the services provided by certified life coaching professional's as taken from the ExpertRating Life Coach Certification and Course:
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping
  • Event Planning
  • Project Management
  • Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Database Maintenance
  • PDF Creation
  • Phone Services
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • PowerPoint Presentations
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Life Coach Courseware
Becoming a Life Coach - Part 1
Profiling Clients and Understanding Client Needs
Becoming a Life Coach - Part II
Ethical Code of Conduct for Life Coaches
The Coaching Process
Coaching Models
Essential Skills for Life Coaches
The Online Life Coach Course from ExpertRating will equip you with all the knowledge and skills that you need to launch your Life Coaching career. The Life Coach training program is 100% online and you can read the material at your convenience from any computer with an internet connection. On completing the Life Coach Course, you are required to take the online test to ensure that you have understood most of the concepts explained in the course. You will receive a certificate, logo and online transcript for you to display on your website, stationery and in your office. You can display the credentials "Certified Life Coach" on all your business correspondence on completing the Life Coach Training and certification test. The Life Coach course includes in-depth material that covers all the concepts covered in the final test.
Note: Some exams may follow a different format. Please read the exam details carefully before registering. All successful candidates will receive a hardcopy certificate of accomplishment stating that they have completed all the requirements of the Life Coach Certification process.

Pricing your Life Coaching services - (Extracted from the ExpertRating Life Coach training manual)

At the beginning of your coaching career, charging too much is not recommended. Since you have no prior experience in the field to showcase, you will find it very hard to justify your fees and attract potential clients. Likewise, charging too little is also not advisable as that would lead your clients to undervalue your services.
The The Life Coach Certification is by far the "best value-for-money" Life Coach Certification Program at $69.99.
Now, for a more direct answer to your question, you should consider the following things when deciding how much to charge:
  • The exact nature of your coaching services.
As a general rule, niche coaches tend to charge more than the generalist coaches, and among niche coaches, business coaches and executive coaches charge the highest. Do a survey of how much other coaches are charging in your particular niche, if you decide to focus on a coaching niche, or generally, if you take up generalist coaching.
  • The place where you intend to practice.
This is really important. Coaching fees vary from one geographical area to another. Here again, it will be beneficial for you to find out the average fee coaches in your locality are charging, as this will help you fix competitive fees.
  • The client’s paying capacity.
Not all clients have the same capacity to pay. For instance, a college student will have a much less paying capacity than the CEO of a company. Since, you are not coaching to only make money, a flexible approach in fixing fees according to your clients’ unique circumstances will go a long way in establishing your reputation.
  • The medium of coaching.
This refers to whether you conduct your session(s) in person or on the telephone. Generally, phone coaching fees tend to lower than face-to-face coaching fees.
  • The premises where you conduct sessions.
If you use a rented space to conduct your coaching sessions, you will want to recover the costs incurred on the space by way of the fees. If you use your own home or visit the client’s home, then you can charge lower fees.
  • The duration of coaching
Consider the length of the sessions, the number of sessions per month, and the number of months for which the client wants to be coached. If it is going to be a long duration coaching relationship, you can offer the client a coaching package at a discounted price.

To conclude, the fees you charge should be a healthy mix of the factors discussed above. Coaching rates vary from as little as $50/hr to as high as $500/hr, with the average rate being $150/hr. But like we said before, you are at the beginning of your coaching career, at which point it is better to charge reasonable fees. At this stage, your focus should be on establishing a solid referral base, getting feedback on your abilities, learning more about your market, and increasing your hit rate.

The Life Coach Certification is by far the "best value-for-money" Life Coach Certification Program at $69.99.